When Pigs Fly

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank has been called to help in the fight against poverty in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our mission is to eliminate diaper need and raise awareness of the basic health need for diapers in our community. We are determined to be a launching pad for the future successes of the children in our city, and we believe it all begins with a dependable supply of diapers.

People say diaper need will disappear when pigs fly. We say welcome to Cincinnati: where pigs fly, we put chili on our spaghetti, and diaper need is being eliminated, one baby at a time.

Who is Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank?

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank was launched by a group of passionate parents who all have ties to the Cincinnati area. The unique talents and skills each person brings to the table are what have allowed us to quickly hit the ground running providing free diapers to families who need them.

Megan Fischer CEO Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

Megan Fischer, CEO & Founder of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank
In 2014, Megan was pregnant with her second child and learned diapers are not covered by food stamps or WIC. She read stories about babies being left in the same diaper for days, disposable diapers being reused, and the infections children get from a lack of clean diapers. As a parent, she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to not be able to provide for the basic needs of your babies, and tried to find a diaper bank in Cincinnati to volunteer with. When nothing turned up, an idea took shape, and Megan envisioned an organization that could work with social service agencies in Cincinnati to make sure every baby in the city she loves had clean diapers. In the fall of 2015, Megan attended the Unpolished Conference for entrepreneurs at Crossroads Church in Oakley, and it proved to be the spark she needed to stop ignoring the call she felt to start a diaper bank. Just a few days after the conference, Megan had an amazing team in place ready to throw their support and talents into starting Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, and she’s been working hard to create a thriving program for families in need ever since. In February of 2017, Megan made the move to Sweet Cheeks full time. When she’s not growing the organization, she spends time with her two kiddos, Archer and Elsa, and her husband, Brian. Email: megan@sweetcheeksdiaperbanks.org

Jean Hodge Program ManagerJean Hodge, Program Manager
After graduating from the University of Dayton with a Psychology degree, Jean managed districts, operations and retail stores for multiple large companies. Throughout her career, she served on several non-profit boards whose missions centered on education, poverty and competitive swimming. A couple years ago, Jean was heartbroken to learn of the childhood poverty crisis in Cincinnati, the city where she was born and has always called home. Since then, she has searched for a way to get involved and to help make an impact. Sweet Cheeks is the perfect place for Jean to take action and to raise awareness of the critical need in our city.
Jean and her husband, Joe, have two children. Cooper, is a student athlete at the University of Wisconsin, and Henry is an active baseball and basketball player. When she isn’t watching her boys sporting events, Jean is an avid reader and NPR listener. She enjoys walking and spending time with her family and friends and hanging out with Frank, the family’s beloved cocker spaniel. Jean joined the Sweet Cheeks team in 2018 to take over the insanely important task of getting diapers out the door to our partner agencies. Email: jean@sweetcheeksdiaperbanks.org

Volunteer Staff
The following folks volunteer their time to help Sweet Cheeks succeed and grow. They squeeze in work for us around full-time (paying!) jobs, kids and family time, coaching, volunteering with other organizations, going to school, sleeping….you get the idea. They’re super heroes, we love them, and we would NOT exist without them.

Mike Schell, Marketing Director for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank.

Mike Schell, Marketing Director
For the past 10+ years, Mike has advanced his career as an online marketer & product developer with an eye for technology and flawless design. His goal is to combine knowledge and experience in these areas to help Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank service the Cincinnati community and in due time eliminate diaper need. Aside from his full time job he also is a Childbirth Educator at the Cleveland Clinic teaching a “Daddy Boot camp” class to soon-to-be Dads. Mike lives in Cleveland with his wife, Andrée, and their son, August. As a family they enjoy cooking, spending time outdoors and going to see live music.

Daniel Philo, Software Developer at Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank.

Danny Philo, Technology Consultant
Black belt, software engineer, and father, Dan Philo brings 8 years of experience developing and maintaining databases for one of the fastest-growing medical health record companies in the industry to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. Dan was a resident of Cincinnati for ten years, but now lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with his wife Samantha, daughter Stella, and their dog Foster. When Dan heard what Megan was creating to fight diaper need in Cincinnati, he immediately wanted to get involved. When he’s not writing code or peeking into a database, he’s a professional “tickle monster”.

Gretchen Swann, Fundraising Director
Gretchen has held various marketing positions over the past 8 years, and is excited to bring her experiences to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. She learned about diaper need in Cincinnati from her good friend, Megan. The thought of having that pressure on your shoulders, on top of trying to juggle the journey that is parenthood, was heartbreaking to her and she wanted to do whatever she could to help. Gretchen currently works at Paycor in Norwood as a marketing program manager, and has lived in Cincinnati the past 5 years. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff and daughter Charlotte, and is looking forward to helping with marketing efforts and events to help Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank help families in need in our wonderful city!

Andree Schell, Social Media Coordinator for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank.

Andrée Schell, Social Media Coordinator
Andrée has spent over 8 years operating a small business in Cleveland, Ohio where she strives to improve systems and work flow while still maintaining a professional and positive leadership role. Andrée is also is a Certified Lactation Counselor who loves working with and supporting moms and babies to reach their breastfeeding goals. Outside of her work, Andrée shares her home with her husband, Mike, their son, August, and their three pets. After giving birth to August, Andrée developed a deep interest in helping to build a stronger community supporting new mothers and families. The opportunity to work with Megan and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank has been a perfect addition to her work with breastfeeding mothers.

Amy Boldt, Diaper Drive Coordinator
Amy is currently a stay-at-home mom. Previously, she worked as a product development chemist and technical service representative. After having Jude, she didn’t want to travel anymore, so left her job for a new one. Her new duties include changing diapers, reading childrens books all day, and fighting with a stubborn toddler (who has her personality). Amy is married to her high school sweetheart, Michael, and they enjoy cooking, watching Netflix, and catching up on sleep! She is very excited to be able to help babies in need.

Ann Loch with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

Ann Loch, Grant Writer
A full-time mommy and part-time worker bee, Ann spends most of her time caring for her two kiddos, Dominic and Allison, and learning new things with her husband, Mike. Ann brings a flavorful and varied history of creative proposal development and grant writing experience to the Sweet Cheeks team. A native Cincinnatian, Ann enjoys reading, writing, PBS, manatees, and a good letter opener.

Claire Ballinger

Claire Ballinger, Grant Writer
Claire is an academic librarian at the Athenaeum of Ohio.  After earning a BA in English Literature, she realized she loved writing and literature, but wasn’t sure which direction to take her career. She decided to get her Masters in Library and Information Science and has worked in libraries ever since. When her daughter Libby was born, she was able to transition to a part-time schedule and spend a few days a week at home with her little one. Claire has been married to her husband, Brad, for five years. They enjoy good beers, traveling, and the great outdoors. Claire is honored to contribute to Sweet Cheeks’ mission to serve Cincinnati families in need.


We want to give a special thank you to the following organizations and folks who have been critical to the launch of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank:

HappyBottoms.org: HappyBottoms is an amazingly successful diaper bank serving the Kansas City area. Megan reached out to them in the early stages of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank for any advice they might be able to pass along related to the founding of HappyBottoms and the rapid growth their organization has experienced. Megan and her team have been overwhelmed by the gracious sharing of information from the HappyBottoms team. We would not be as far along as we are in such a short amount of time without their guidance, documents, phone calls, emails, and even hosting Megan in KC for a quick 24-hour crash course on their systems and warehouse.

National Diaper Bank Network: The National Diaper Bank Network has been an invaluable resource for starting Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. In fact, all the information they provide online about starting a diaper bank was one of the things that helped push Megan to believe this dream could become a reality. The quick, informative responses from their staff and the timely webinars, data and news they send out to diaper bank leaders around the country is what will help our organization thrive. We are so proud to be a member of the National Diaper Bank Network!

Annie Varland: Annie is one half of the talented Love in Real Life team. She not only photographed the birth of both Megan’s children, but shares a passion with us for families, children, and causes that make Cincinnati a better place. She has allowed us to use many of her remarkable images on this site and we can’t thank her enough for making this small corner of the web such a beautiful place to visit. We wanted the images we displayed on Sweet Cheeks to elicit an emotional response, and to say Annie nailed it would be an understatement.

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Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank was launched by a group of passionate parents with unique talents and skills that have allowed us to quickly hit the ground running providing free diapers to families who need them.