Staff Spotlight: Sarah Riffel

We have recently added not one, but TWO amazing new team members. We’re so excited to welcome Sarah to the team. She’ll be coordinating all our partner agencies, as well as developing strategy around which parts of our service area need more agencies so we can reach more children. She is super smart, has a … [Read more…]

Usborne Books Fundraiser

Join Sweet Cheeks for a live, interactive Usborne Books Facebook party beginning Tuesday, June 7th at 9:00pm! Contact us at and we’ll forward you the invite. Never heard of Usborne?  They publish awesome kids’ books that are truly unique (not just marketing mumble jumble here – these books are AMAZING!!).  It’s a half hour where … [Read more…]

Staff Spotlight: Amy Boldt

There is nothing more fun than getting to regularly reconnect with someone you’ve known since junior high. When Amy decided to take on the hardest job in the world (stay-at-home mom), she quickly realized she was going to need something to become involved in outside of taking care of her sweet little boy. Her enthusiasm … [Read more…]

Staff Spotlight: Dave Thamann

We are so thankful to have Dave on the Sweet Cheeks team. He is logical, methodical, practical and is going to keep us on the straight and narrow. Some of the issues that we’ll be dealing with soon like Board of Directors insurance, warehouse insurance, and event insurance seem REALLY overwhelming to those of us … [Read more…]

Staff Spotlight: Gretchen Swann

Gretchen’s enthusiasm and positivity towards life in general is infectious, and it’s part of what makes her such a wonderful fundraising director for Sweet Cheeks. She’s working with the community to organize amazing events and get our name out there so the donations keep rolling in. We are so thankful to have her love of event … [Read more…]

Staff Spotlight: Andrea Meyer

Andrea is my right-hand woman. From help filling out our 501c3 paperwork to brainstorming and creating documents to teaching us all the rules and regulations that go along with nonprofits, Andrea has a knowledge base from years in the nonprofit world that we tap into daily. She is an integral part of the strategic planning for … [Read more…]

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank Newsletter

We’re excited to be able to offer an online, monthly newsletter to our supporters. This newsletter will arrive at least once a month (sometimes more if there’s a super exciting update to share) to your inbox and will include lots of information about our organization such as: How many diapers went out the door in … [Read more…]